Me at the Elephant House in Edinburgh, Scotland
Me at the Elephant House in Edinburgh, Scotland where JK Rowling first wrote of Harry Potter; May 2011

Hello, everyone!  I'm Suzanne, or Missus P., as you might have guessed.  I've been writing for as long as I can remember: journals, stories, blogs, essays, poetry, research papers, more stories...

When I went to school, back in the good `ol 90s, I was young and naive and I was the only one (maybe two of us) in my circle of home town high school friends who considered an English degree. Writing and literature were my first subjects to love (computers, technology and gadgets coming in a close second) so once I went to UCF as an English major I was finally in my element. We learned historical, cultural, comparative, subjective, interpretive, scholarly aspects of literature. We wrote papers and talked about books all day. How fun.

But when I got to my Creative Writing courses I knew that from my years of writing in elementary school and high school had a place in college. So, of course, I taught English and I studied Creative Writing more. And there were plenty of people in college in Orlando who were into writing and teaching English Literature (and/or Reading).  Now with the beauty of Twitter and Blogger I can connect with plenty of librarians, writers, teachers, and all around awesome people from all over the world.

I created this blog just before my marriage to the wonderful Mister P. in Sept 2010.  I've recently moved from Titusville, Florida to Newcastle-Gateshead, England in 2011.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures.