Sunday, January 30, 2011

Merry post-Christmas

Post-Christmas tree

Today Steve and I celebrated Christmas. I got a British cookbook, a Stephen Fry biography, pyjamas, shower and bath soaps (Lush!) and all sorts of cool things.

Last night we went to the Metro Centre, shopped for presents, ate chicken at Nando's then came home to wrap what would go under the tree. Today I'm making the turkey and mashed potatoes.

It's been easier than I though to get use to being here. I've been here for one week and already I know how to get to the store on my own. I still have to figure out how to get to Retail World and the Metro Centre on the bus alone. At least I can get a taxi if I absolutely need to.

I've had a wonderful post-Christmas so far. Jake is getting use to the place too. He's bonded with Steve more now and we have a nice little family life going on here. Soon I'll go to my interview to see if they'll let me in to the university to start teacher training in the Fall. They sent me a letter to fill out, making sure they charged me the right amount for tuition. That has to be a good sign that they plan on letting me in.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Four more days

New suitcase

It's my last weekend in Florida for a while. I cleaned up some but I've lounged more than anything. There's the kitchen garbage to be thrown out and a few boxes for donating to the charity shop. My box of handbags is the main donation.

Jake will visit the vet one last time on Monday to get his tick and tapeworm vaccine before we head across the pond Wednesday night. I have my new, (additional) big suitcase so I can manage things easier than having a bunch of small bags to cart through London.

There won't be a lot of touristy-ness going on next week. While I'd love to see London, with two 28" suitcases, a garnet bag, a carry-on, a cat and an 8 & 1/2 hour flight just completed, I think my sight seeing trip will have to be done one weekend in the near future.

These next four days will be just getting everything I absolutely need done, done. Cancel the utilities for February, pack, store, toss. I have to back up the computer with my new, fancy 1T external hard drive too.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Writing in the dark

Writing in the dark

The electricity's been off for almost two hours now. Luckily it's not a super hot (or cold) night. It was supposed to be back on by 9PM but it's now 8:55 and, nope, no power.

I have my plane tickets (one for Jake too) so we'll be heading to England next week. I'm so excited! I won't have to sit in dark rooms by myself anymore. Plus, we can have our own Christmas in January. We'll do the tree, movies, turkey, stockings, shopping and all as if it were December. I'm sure this will be a great story for the grandkids one day.

I now have electricity (FPL says a vehicle hit a power pole - Ohno!) and have the evening to study up for my Elem Ed test I'm taking on Friday.

I'm headed across the pond next week! Finally! I have Jake's pet passport to get finalized but his cargo ticket has been booked. My ticket is set too; Premium Economy this time so I can have more luggage allowance hopefully. So my adventures will be more adventurous very soon. Now I can post pictures and talk about my trips to museums and art galleries rather than shopping at the grocery store.

I was glad to see my back in the day friend, Crystal, for lunch last week too. There's a big part of me here and a big part of me that has a whole new beginning.