Saturday, August 14, 2010

The dress fiasco

So here's what happened: after signing into to David's Bridal and looking around after being told all dresses are "European" sizes {rollseyes} I need two sizes larger. So that's fine but that put me in the plus category which I've never worn. The dresses weren't that great and when I picked one to try the girl put me in a room in the lobby, amongst families and fianc├ęs to put a big bra, corset and slip on alone. So when I tried to put on a bra way too small but said it was a size larger than I usually wear, some customer lady opened the door (my name was on the door in big pink letters, mind you) I was exposed to the whole store. I called Mom to come in, who agreed, the bra was way too small and I decided I wasn't going through that for a dress I didn't want. I walked out, telling the consultant I didn't want to get dressed in front of an audience. It was too crowded, no privacy and just not worth those $1150 dresses they have on display. File under: wedding dress experience FAIL

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