Sunday, January 30, 2011

Merry post-Christmas

Post-Christmas tree

Today Steve and I celebrated Christmas. I got a British cookbook, a Stephen Fry biography, pyjamas, shower and bath soaps (Lush!) and all sorts of cool things.

Last night we went to the Metro Centre, shopped for presents, ate chicken at Nando's then came home to wrap what would go under the tree. Today I'm making the turkey and mashed potatoes.

It's been easier than I though to get use to being here. I've been here for one week and already I know how to get to the store on my own. I still have to figure out how to get to Retail World and the Metro Centre on the bus alone. At least I can get a taxi if I absolutely need to.

I've had a wonderful post-Christmas so far. Jake is getting use to the place too. He's bonded with Steve more now and we have a nice little family life going on here. Soon I'll go to my interview to see if they'll let me in to the university to start teacher training in the Fall. They sent me a letter to fill out, making sure they charged me the right amount for tuition. That has to be a good sign that they plan on letting me in.

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