Saturday, January 14, 2012

The January blahs

You know how we all started with these New Year’s resolutions a couple of weeks back? Well, mine isn’t really doing much for me. I mean, I’m doing what I need to do, just not in a vigorous way. I feel like a sloth rather than a hare.  I just can’t get motivated to get to the finish line.

I guess it’s just the January bug. We were all worked up for Christmas and enjoyed ourselves for ten whole days of just being able to be on break. Now the schedule has gone back into motion but I’m still dragging my feet.  On the first day I was gung-ho but the following morning I could barely get out of bed.  Now I’m in the in-between phase.

I’m plodding along while the possibility of vacation and fun excursions is in the distance. At least the weather isn’t completely crummy (although it is supposed to get colder this weekend.) I’m sure I’ll perk up soon enough but man am I just moving at a snail’s pace to get anything done.

This weekend we’ll try to go on a little excursion through town to feel back into the swing of things. I’m still trying to go over my first draft with Steve – a process that is not as fulfilling as the initial frenzy of writing to get the work done.  I’m also still trying to get through Breaking Dawn too. (I couldn’t get back to sleep last night so I finally am more than half way though. I’m wondering if the Kindle Fire is slowing me down or if I’m just over the half-vampire monster baby drama.)  We jogged together last weekend so I’ll want to keep that up to help me get trained up.  (All these years that I’ve tried to do this by myself has really not made me a great jogger.) We also made a New Year’s resolution to go to church more – we didn’t go at all last year.  I feel really stupid for letting that happen when it’s right up the road.

I haven’t done more than one article either. After writing about Pinterest I was out of ideas.  Next I should write about Sims 3 Pets because I certainly spent plenty of time on that over vacation. I played today too but I did some re-reading on my project too so it’s okay, honest. I didn’t play Sims the whole time I worked on NaNoWriMo…I played Saint’s Row 3 then.  Hhmm, maybe there’s a correlation to the pace of the entertainment and the pace of the work produced.

Lastly, there’s still no snow on the ground but the air is getting colder (and will presumably get warmer again right after.)  I think that keeps things pretty blah right now – we don’t even have any exciting weather to marvel at this month.


  1. I struggle with January and February, but determined to work through it! Last year all the snow kept everyone guessing and we all kept moving, this year, 'blah' is the right word so far!
    I also had difficulty getting through 'Breaking Dawn'...thought it was way over-long, I get a bit annoyed at authors 'stretching' books.
    I don't make resolutions...I fail too often! But I read an article about being I'm trying a 'Gratitude project' on my blog...we'll see how thankful I am, lol.
    Good luck with the rest of the month Suzanne!

  2. Thanks so much, Lisa. "Breaking Dawn" is definitely stretched. The whole story could have been told in maybe three books, tops.
    Good luck to you too on any of your resolutions. I like the idea of blogging about gratefulness. It's that kind of positive thinking that gets us places.