Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August is almost here! Where are the blog challenges?

Since it's going to be the first of the month, and I have all this extra time, I was thinking I'd take up a blogging challenge. However, I don't know which one to do. I've found #BlogFlashDaily but I don’t know if there’s one up for August 2013. I have found some that require a newsletter sign up, with a person who is a blogging guru now that they’ve been blogging since 2009. Um…no. If you don’t know what Geocities is, you’re not a blogging guru. Plus, a lot of these challenges are for business so, no, not for me. I found another one for writers that is the #WPad Challenge for August so I may do that one even though it’s for script writers.

Honestly, I may just pick and choose and make my own. We’ll see. Since I’m such a big Instagram junkie, I may do a picture prompt thing. Not sure if I could keep that up for a whole month, but we’ll see.

Anyway, are there any other good blog challenges out there in August?

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