Monday, August 19, 2013

#AugustBreak2013 Day 18

Steve and I took a walk down to the Quayside and met up with an old friend of his from work at The Baltic. We wandered around, looking at the art for a while, then we walked back through Ouseburn to The Cluny for a couple of pints and Sunday lunch. So good!

We chatted about American and English differences because Steve’s friend is going off to work in the U.S. soon. He knows all the problems with Visas and oversees qualifications that don’t transfer in other countries. I was asked if my chosen profession was writing (I admit, I was pleased to let him in on the little side project of illustrated young adult books.) I said that and supply teaching. That’s my thing. I guess I may as well admit it to people.

We also discussed how the Internet has caused people to have some kind of hindrance on their own creation. Someone has already created something you may have wanted to create on your own and naively carried it out until you were finished. Now you can find out quite easily how someone already had your idea and made something similar, hence defeating you before you can begin. It use to be that people could go about their lives without having to know everything about what everyone was doing. Now our world is much, much smaller. That’s good and bad.

After lunch we walked down on the Quayside and Steve bought us all ice creams. Of course my klutziness caused me to drop my cone as he handed it to me and I had the remnants of a 99 and raspberry sauce all over my jeans. Oh well. It all washed off.

Once we got back home, I had walked a ton, eaten a ton (minus the ice cream) and was so ready for a nap. Consequentially none of my word count was completed today, but it was “living my life” day, so that’s fine.

The August Break 2013

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