Monday, October 7, 2013

Back in the U.K.

Our holiday in Florida was wonderful. While we were gone for two weeks we were able to:

  • Visit my parents
  • Go to Magic Kingdom
  • Stay at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
  • Go to EPCOT
  • Partake in Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
  • Partake in EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival
  • Visit St. Augustine
  • Visit Fort Christmas
  • Hang out in Cocoa Beach and Titusville
  • Fed live gators after playing putt-putt golf

Now, with a busy agenda of something each day, we didn’t get to see any friends or other family members, which is a shame, but time just gets away from us too easily.

I was so happy to be back, especially since we’d been away for a whole year, and this time it was really, really hard to come back to England. I really liked being in such familiar surroundings, but with fresh, outsider eyes. I like being a tourist and an observer. It’s better than being in the middle of the whole place as it crumbles from unemployment all around me. Being here is a much better environment in many ways (I could give you a list on that topic) but being away from my folks, sunshine, abundance…it’s tough.

It’s still taken me a while to adjust to being here in the house by myself again each day. My sleep schedule is all off and I have an overwhelming case of the blahs. I’m slowly coming around to getting back to my projects at hand. Last night I looked over what I had left in one of my stories, and I was pleased to have something I thought I could get back to. Today, I’m trying to motivate myself to go to a cafe and get some words down again. I tried the other day, but only got a few sentences down. I’ve been really into reading The Shining though, so the days aren’t completely wasted.

Anyway, I thought I would have more to say on the topic, but I guess that’s it. I have to keep my head down and get back to work. Post vacation blues, are the worst.

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