Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Golden Girls, Gimme A Break and Growing Pains

I don't care if I like this. All the years that I watched this as a kid and no one else did, now they see how right I was because Betty White is such a big deal now. I am so glad they put this on TLC in the UK because I missed it so much. When there's nothing else to watch, The Golden Girls will be on somewhere; especially in Florida. Bless them. These girls were so funny and worked so well together for a sit com.

I miss Gimme A Break so much. Nell Carter was an awesome lady and I loved her in this. It was a neat idea for a comedy, plus little Joey Lawrence was in this before Blossom (which I forgot to put in my "B" post - forgive me, Mayim Bialik.

Kirk Cameron made Growing Pains what it was. I sometimes get this and Family Ties mixed up because it had a similar situation with the cheeky older brother, but this one later featured the young Leonardo DiCaprio. The father was also Alan Thicke, father to the twerk-loving Robin.

80s TV show honorable mention: Garfield and Friends, Get Along Gang

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