Friday, February 4, 2011

Feels like February

It's been windy and rainy here in England.  We had to put putty on the bedroom window because it was making a horrible buzzing sound all night.  We also kept hearing what sounded like a window banging or a tree branch hitting the side of the building.  Finally Steve went outside to find a little gate door that was slamming in the wind.  Needless to say after our DIY work we were able to sleep much easier last night.  Jake even slept at Steve's feet.  I think they've bonded.

Since the weather's been a bit unwelcoming, I've been in the flat for most of the week.  I had a bit of a hard night last night when my professor told me that I'd get a low score if I didn't redo my school project.  I ended up changing it and resubmitting it.  I'm going to be so glad to get these classes over with in May.  I know that some librarians said their classes were easy but mine are just tough.  Tons of busy work and projects.  How I miss the days of good old reading and writing papers as an English student.

This weekend will be an adventure though.  Steve and I plan on visiting Durham Saturday, then on Sunday he'll show me the easy way to get to Retail World.  I have got to learn how to get around here.  Granted, it's only been two weeks but it's so hard to not just be able to get in the car and go somewhere when I want to.  Until then I have dishes to do.  It's pizza party night.  We can keep watching Sherlock and playing Little Big Planet 2 - both presents to Steve from Santa. 

Speaking of that; we still have to take the Christmas tree down.

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