Wednesday, April 13, 2011

J is for Jesmonde Dene

Jesmonde Dene

Jesmonde Dene is a garden area in NewCastle that I've just heard of. Steve says we'll have to go soon. I totally agree: when you look at the pictures, it looks awesome. When I visit, I'll make sure to post pictures.

Jesmond Dene is a public park in the east end of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. It occupies the narrow steep-sided valley of a small stream known as the Ouse Burn: in North-east England, such valleys are commonly known as denes.

The park was first laid out by William George Armstrong and his wife, of Jesmond Dene House, during the 1860s. The design is intended to reflect a rural setting, with woodland, crags, waterfalls and pools. It is now owned by Newcastle City Council.

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