Sunday, April 24, 2011

T is for Tyneside Cinema

The Tyneside Cinema is a cool old movie theatre that was renovated.  The screens still have the old red curtain around them and they’re smaller than the big, fancy theatres we have now but it’s still a neat way to go to the movies.  We saw The Kings’ Speech here in January and it was perfect for a very British film.  Speaking of which, in England you get kettle corn and alcohol at the movies.  There’s a café at the top of the Tyneside Cinema, which has a bunch of levels and really cool architecture inside.

The Tyneside Cinema is an independent cinema in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is the city's only full-time independent cultural cinema, specialising in the screening of independent and world cinema from across the globe. The Tyneside's patrons are filmmakers Mike Figgis and Mike Hodges, and musicians Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys and Paul Smith of Maxïmo Park.

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