Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rationing electricity

Coffee, Books and Technology

Our electricity meter needs fixing today so now that I’m up for the day I have a limited time to use my technology.  I was thinking that I really didn’t have a lot of things I needed to use but after I got up I realized that everything needs electricity.  I had to wash my face (hot water = electricity), make coffee, charge my phones (I now have two – a US iPhone and a UK Blackberry), use the laptop, watch television and use the microwave for some kind of breakfast item.

The meter stopped working earlier this month and the Electric Company wasn’t really too excited about fixing it.  They said it wasn’t an emergency so I’m thinking when they come today they’ll either reset the thing or change it out completely – hence my thinking they’ll turn the main switch off for a while.

So whenever the electrician comes, between noon and four, I have my books ready.  I still have to write my review of Crank that I finished last week (such a good book).  I haven’t done a book review since last year so it’s about time I did.  I never post my reviews to Goodreads so I can copy them into my site there too.

Well, it’s almost time for the electrician to come so I’m going to sit and drink my Starbucks and enjoy my television for a while.  Too bad: the Housewives of Orange County are over. There’s usually not a lot of decent television on in the day anyway – nothing different than how it was in Florida.  I have the same options: Jerseylicious or Judge Judy. At least there I had Roseanne on my Brighthouse DVR. I really need to grab a box set of those.

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