Friday, August 19, 2011

Heading South before Winter

Today marks the start of another adventure for Mr. & Mrs. P.  We will be heading down South to visit Steve’s old school, family house and, most importantly, all the other P.s in the family.  So exciting!

Being a lady, the need to over plan and organize to excess is crucial for any kind of trip, no matter how small.  I have to think of the “What if? scenarios and pack something like an extra pair of jeans in case I fall in a puddle.  I also have a ton more toiletries but luckily now that I’m use to wandering around England these days, I know how to pack lightly.  Well, at least lighter than I did when I lived in Florida.

Now I have a small suitcase and a book bag.  I have carefully decided which books to not take (important decision there) and organize the many, many chargers and batteries that are needed for my many, many travelling gadgets: Canon camera, iPhone, Blackberry (yes, I have two smartphones since I’m still stuck in my AT&T contract), Kodak video camera and my HP laptop.  I decided not to bring my Kindle because I am moving slowly through Philosopher’s Stone and that will take up my train ride time. 

Usually though, I’m busy looking out at the window to see the landscape.  Trains are fascinating things to me. I’m from Florida, after all.  I’ll make sure to update more on the trip later on but for now; have a great Friday, everyone!

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