Sunday, August 28, 2011

Technology I want

I'm more & more using my iPhone while I sit on the couch instead of bothering to turn on the laptop. This is why I decided that I need a tablet PC for Christmas. I don't want anything that's £500 like an iPad or anything. I'd consider an Android knockoff if I didn't think it would die in 3 months. Right now with the price and company reputation, I'm settled on a Dell Streak.

As far as the iPhone, I'm going to keep it now that my contract is over and use it on the WiFi in the house. However, I did decide to try & get another cell phone in the UK. I know the Samsung Galaxy SII is top rated, I didn't like the interface as much as the HTC. If I get that, I won't have to keep using the Blackberry Bold that freezes up so I can't type at all. Steve got a new Windows 7 phone which outshines the iPhone in looks and design. The font, screen size & graphics are way more pleasing.

I thought about waiting on an iPhone 5 but after seeing how these new HTC phones look, I'm not going to worry about spending £300 plus a monthly fee to have an iPhone. If Android Market has apps, I'm good.

I’m also interested in the FitBit and the Garmin 205 sports band to use with my jogging.  There is just way too much fun going on to not want to grab all this new technology.


  1. The Asus transformers are great android tablets, i love mine. And I personally wouldn't buy anything from dell anymore. Terrible service, shoddy workmanship.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I had a Dell years ago so I understand the concern. I'll look into the Asus instead.