Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So what’s up with Facebook?

And no, I don't mean timeline. (I still don't understand why it's a surprise they everyone's profile changed. They said it over and over again that it would. FB must feel like a middle school teacher does -- you can say something twenty times, write it on the board and leave it for day's but they still don't pay attention...)

Anyway, I've been voicing my opinion on Twitter about how Facebook has been less than pleasant recently. It's a good thing that's gone sour and it has nothing to do with timeline but the people who update theirs. Yesterday I saw two of my friends who don't even know each other both comment on how Facebook is for fun and not negative, rude, mean, stupid crap. Amen, I said.

Now, we all get irritated and want to voice our opinion. That's fine. But social networking is not always the best platform for shouting political opinions and name calling.

Think of it this way, if you were in a high school reunion you'd be cordial to everyone when you first got together, right? Heck, you'd even be glad to see them. But now it’s as if the doors were locked and you’re stuck with those same people after a while, so you would show your true colours -- you notice theirs too.

But, remember, this is social networking. If you want to talk about how someone who doesn't agree with your views is an idiot, don't do it on a public page where your co-workers, family members, and church members will read it. Most of us aren't interested in getting together and bashing people over beliefs.

It's not just politics that have made me go, "Why did you post that?" I've seen people who do nothing but sell products (not that self promotion isn't good but have something to talk about too.) I've seen people talk about stuff that falls under the Too Much Information category (remember, this is public, guys) and just plain stupid things like "My kid can kick your kid's butt" type of comments.

With that said, my statement is, as it always has been with Facebook: It's fun! It's a game! Most of us just want to keep in touch with our friends from the old neighbourhood, distant relatives, and former co-workers. FB is what you make it (I admit, I have a fondness for posting travel pictures, blog post links and funny thoughts when I can come up with them.) So relax, be happy, and encourage social networking instead of ticking people off so much that they stop bothering to log in anymore.

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