Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where I work


I'm at a couple of disadvantages as I write this blog post today. First, I'm typing on my Kindle Fire which, I'm sorry to say, is a huge pain in the butt compared to my iPhone. Secondly, I'm sitting on the floor with my back against the coffee table while Steve disassembles our old couch. We're anxiously awaiting our new arrival from IKEA -- the red couch with the chaise. We even bought the chair to match. Now I'll have my own reading chair (well, until the cat claims it as his own as he did with our old armchair.)

So, since these current typing conditions are less than typical, I wonder whet conditions people like to work in. Personally, I don't mind typing on a smartphone (I'm use to my old iPhone 3GS that I typically use that around the house for note keeping and snippets of blog posts.) I also have an HP laptop that I've taken out to coffee shops so I can work outside of the house for a change (even though it’s a bit bulky to carry around.)  But my main place is in the study, on the Acer Aspire AX3400 PC that Steve bought for me right before I moved in.

From my desk in the study, I have a view of the backyard, the birds on the feeder, and the neighbours passing by to the main street. It's pleasant and nice and, when I'm lucky, no loud music upstairs or loud Mary Kay clients across the hall. I like quiet. Even when I read at the gym, I just have to listen to classical music to drown out Radio 1 on the overhead speakers.  That's why being home, on my comfort zone, is so nice. I have peace, quiet and a proper keyboard.  Now I have a big, comfy chair too!

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  1. Stopping by from the blogathon. It's great to "meet" another ex-pat participant. I love the concept of you as a librarian in search of a library. That just about sums up life abroad.

    1. Nice to "meet" you too. Yup, it's not easy trying to find work over here, sadly.