Wednesday, August 7, 2013

#AugustBreak2013 Day 7

Okay, only 35 minutes left of Day 7, so I’ll write a quick list of things that happened today:

  • Found another bee in the house. He was flying around the living room. No idea if he’d been in there since the weekend’s fiasco when a bunch of them flew in from my computer room window, or if he figured out another way in. Regardless, all the windows are now shut and staying shut until it gets cooler and the bees who are making their nest or whatever in my windowsill get out of here.
  • Put Write or Die on my netbook, then went to Starbucks and wrote 998 words in 28 minutes. I really wish I could just sit and do that for hours a day like the 9 Weird Habits of Highly Effective Writers.
  • I also thought the 27 Problems only Introverts Will Understand was interesting too. I thought I was fairly extroverted, but apparently not.
  • My parents sent a care package to us. I now have a fresh supply of flavoured Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, and the AlphaSmart 3000 that I bought on Ebay. I was really impressed with it. Now I don’t have to lug anything heavy around, or get distracted with signing into WiFi, or Tweeting. I can just get some writing done when I’m out. Plus, you just plug it into the PC, hit “Send”, and the text pops up on whatever word processing program you have pulled up. Just super cool.
  • I picked up Steve from work today and took this photo for the skyline theme of today. I’m so glad the weather isn’t monstrously hot anymore. It’s helped my mood 100%.
  • We say Sharknado tonight…well, what we could handle until we turned it off because it was just awful.
  • Someone on Facebook posted the awesome video of Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke & The Roots Singing "Blurred Lines" on classroom instruments.
  • And, finally, I’m on page 126 of Mockingjay.

The August Break 2013

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  1. Well that's a varied day. Beats mine which was spent doing housework, making notes for the next book and generally loitering on the internet! x