Tuesday, December 10, 2013

15 Sleeps Until Christmas

Christmas @ MetroCentre

Okay, kids. This is another post that I’ve started to write but, unlike the countless others, I’m going to post this.

Everything has been good and fine here. I think I have about everything I need for Christmas Day. (There’s plenty more I would love to get but my cash flow isn’t having it this year.)

I’m hoping to get myself in a Teaching and Learning Support course in January so I can have a certificate that UK schools recognize. Not having any kind of British credentials to my name is making my career completely stall. Plus, I’ve never been properly trained as a teacher of any kind, so I’m hoping to just start fresh.

I’m working on two books as well. One of them is the NaNoWriMo project that I tried work out a basic outline, then stalled on actually writing it on November 1st. Little by little, I’m working on it without the pressure of “write like mad without any worry about it making sense.”

With that said, I may not be posting for a while (I may be, but who knows?) I’ve not been that interested in blogging lately, but if something interesting comes up I’ll update. It doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned the blog, it just means my need to discuss myself is starting to diminish. Weird, I know.

So if I don’t get back to the blog before the holidays, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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