Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Accomplishments of 2013

I didn't read much this year and I honestly don't feel like I did much, but in retrospect there were a few big accomplishments I gathered up on 2013.


    • Got Indefinite Leave to Remain
    • Learned how to take care of my back
    • Got my driver's license
    • Got my own car
    • Drove through the moors to The Lake District
    • Had a lovely vacation at The Lake District
    • Had an awesome Florida vacation
    • Learned that I like working in Primary Schools
    • Finished a book
    • Tried to get published (book needs work but I worked towards getting it out there at least.)
    • Had an awesome Thanksgiving
    • Had an awesome Christmas
    • Had an awesome New Year's Eve (stayed at home – going out is over-rated.)
    • Discovered Meg Rosoff, Veronica Roth, and Lauren Oliver
    • Got my first British tax return
    • Went to my first British writer's workshop

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