Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goodbye to the pink walls

Monday I woke up with the cold that found Steve while he was on his work trip. That means the Nike+ sensor and pedometer haven’t been taken on the road with me yet (Steve tried out the fancy technology of the pedometer out for me though.) Oh well, plenty of time in the week to get well and get back to my routine.

Sunday afternoon we painted the hallway finally. It was a salmony orange-pink as it had been when the flat was purchased. We talked about getting the walls a neutral color once I was here. We've had the paint for a while but the prep time was the biggest hurdle. After Steve had that done we turned on 6 Music and took 2 & 1/2 hours out of our weekend to make our hallway a nice grayish mocha color. Much better.

It’s been predicted as 64F for each day this week and no rain until Thursday.  I hope I feel better so I can out and enjoy the weather.  I’m going to try to take my laptop out with me to the park one day so I can write somewhere other than the house for a change.  As much as I want to keep old traditions alive, it’s so much harder to keep a notebook when technology is readily available.  Even my notes are done on the phone and emailed to myself. 

Oh yeah, and my profile was added to the #amwriting author directory.  It looks much smaller than I anticipated.  Oh well, the picture’s cute.

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