Monday, July 4, 2011

A visit to the country

On Saturday Steve and I took a trip to the Beamish Museum. The bus ride was about 40 minutes and we went all the way through Gateshead borough limits, past the Angel and into County Durham.  It was so nice to go from shops and busy streets into long, winding rural roads.  It reminded me of the trip from West Virginia into Ohio.

I put together my Beamish photo album where you can see how neat this place is.  There was an old mining town and farm that showed how people lived in the Edwardian times. So we went into an old bank, an old candy shop, a replica mechanics, general store, church and houses. 

The best part of this is the “living” part where the little vegetable gardens were growing outside of the old houses.  The chickens walked around the pond and the horses were in the pasture with the pigs and sheep.  It was just totally cool to be able to interact with history that way. 

We didn’t even get into the mine or see the train station but once you go to the museum you get an unlimited pass for a year.  We’re excited to go during wintertime when they’ll have Christmas decorations up.  Before that though, we still have to explore the other parts of the museum while the weather is warm.

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