Friday, January 4, 2013

Empty spaces

I decided not to go to the gym today. Instead, I kept my sniffly, coughy, stuffy self on the couch with some Lemsip. Steve is still not feeling well and we’re both totally tired of all this junk.

This means I’ve not gone to the gym. The Couch to 5K will have to wait until next week to pick the routine up again. I’m glad I did one day of it, just to see how it worked. I’ve heard conflicting advice that you should go to the gym when you’re sick. The most compelling argument I read to not go if that other gym goers don’t want germs. I still swear I’ve been sick in the past because I didn’t use the anti-bacterial wipes on the equipment before and after use. Plus, if it’s at all possible to get ill all over again from the flu germs, I don’t want to risk getting them.

Today will be devoted to working on my second Cupcake Witches novel. Plus, I have to phone Parcelforce and complain about the horrible state of the box we received from the US this week. I’ll also have to print out my Leave to Remain application form and get that all filled out. We have all of our necessary papers ready to bring along (plus some smashing ID pictures from the photo booth at Sainsbury’s while we were both in the midst of the flu wrath.) I’m also supposed to be receiving a delivery from Paperchase where I decided to buy some sale notebooks. As much as I want to give up on keeping paper journals, I always get new ones from time to time. The new year seemed like a good reason to have a new one.

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