Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not going out

This snow blizzard, or whatever it may end up being, is supposed to show up tomorrow. I’ve been in the house all week because I really have no interest in a. being cold or b. getting more sick. Of course this gets quite boring, being inside all the time. I’ve been working on things each day, but being without a walk does make me feel more blah.

January is blah enough without that.

We’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother this week. I’ve been trying to read and I’m fairly certain I’m going to chuck the Novel Writing book in the “partially read” pile because it’s not very interesting. I do need some books to inspire me though, because while I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, I know I need to work harder on my projects this year.

I’m still taking sinus headache medicine. I’m still fighting the stuffiness and the cough.

I at least got a letter from Home Office today saying that my application was there and in the queue. It just feels like 2012 was the year of aiming for 2013. Now it’s here and things are almost all sussed (even the stupid driving) that’s like, “Hhmm. What do I do now?”

And…it’s snowing again.

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