Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sniffles Saturday

I must say, I am really glad that Santa brought this netbook to us. It’s so much more convenient to sit on the couch with a 10 inch machine and type up stuff. We even used it to order the groceries this week. While I usually work at home on the PC and keep all my files on Scrivener and Word there, but having the ability to type from another vantage point is nice as well.

Today we both slept in but had gotten up a few times through the early morning due to this stupid cold that will not go away. Both of us have pressure in our sinuses, coughing, and plugged up ears. It’s absolutely maddening, especially since we both don’t feel sick, just walking around with symptoms.

Still, we need more medicine and even though the weather isn’t great (wow, January is a depressing month) we’re going to venture out. It’s already after 2PM and I’ve been watching Dirty Dancing in HD from the V+ plus (I really need to buy this on Blu-Ray and get it over with.) But since we’re losing daylight, I’ve got to get moving.

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