Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another step closer

Due to my recent interest in peas and pea cookery, my sweet and dear husband bought me a new U.K. slow cooker (a crock pot to us Southerners).  As you can see, I already have my coffee maker waiting on me too. (An item that a tea drinker would have no reason to have until I came around.)

I almost have all of our paperwork we need.  The last of the bank statements are on the way and I have everything I think would be pertinent to the application.  I even included my school transcripts, my resume and the proof that I'd gone to the library in town and inquired about volunteering.

I ordered Jake's cargo carrier as well - cushy, water retaining pad and all.  It's been a lot of organization and research on my part to make sure I have absolutely everything the way it should be.  Now all I need is to finish getting my paperwork, apply, get my fingerprints done and then send off all my documents.  I can't wait to get that approval letter!

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