Sunday, October 3, 2010

Books and Boxes

I've started taking survey of what I absolutely need to pack up.  First of all, my books.  I looked through a lot of them but I just can't part with most of them.  Either I used them for classes or they're classics or I just plain like them.  So I'm packing them all up for storage.

After that I'll work on my keepsakes and other things here and there that I want to keep.  The computers, yes.  The summer clothes, yes.  All I need to take with me right now is my laptop, my iPhone and my winter clothes.  Jake too.

It's hard to look around and wonder exactly where to begin when you're going to move.  Especially when you can't just hire some movers to put a bunch of stuff in a truck and tell them you'll meet them in Canada or wherever.  But I'll have what I need and the rest easily accessible when I come back for visits.  The rest is going to be donated (as I've already started to gut my closet with donations over the summer) or tossed out.

For my Children's and YA Lit class, I started reading What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones.  I love that Push poetry type verse that this book is in.

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