Saturday, October 23, 2010

A productive Friday

I had a really productive day today. I started out by going to the doctor to get some cold medicine. When I was waiting, another patient came in who has to have the ambulance called for them. She had possibly had a bad reaction to Alleve. Makes me wonder what over the counter drugs have such big consequences if our system doesn't tolerate them.

Afterwards I went to the DMV. It's cool how they have it set up here where you press a button for the category you're there for, then get your "next in line" ticket. I waited a little over 30 min in a less than great waiting room. I was happy that when they called my number I went to a desk where a nice, smiling lady greeted me. I had all my necessary papers, all organised and accepted by DMV standards. I have my picture with my funky bun in my hair and my yellow t-shirt (I match the license). I knew if I didn't put picture clothes on and expect to get the renewal done, there would have been too many people or something keeping me from getting my DL. But low and behold, I had my DL an hour after I got there. Another big task all done!

I also got a big wedding album that holds 200 photos. Now I can get that all organised for us. I printed out the pictures that I'm sending with the Visa paperwork. I made copies of a bunch of my identity papers that I used today for my DL. I'd rather go overboard and put everything possible they could need rather than send in just enough and hope for the best.

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