Saturday, October 22, 2011

My playlist needs an upgrade

It’s been a while since I’ve written a music post so I may as well do one now.  I have a playlist that I listen to each time I go to the gym.  I’ve listened to this since I’ve been here in January.  I use to have an XM radio where I could find new music to snag here and there but, alas, I am out of touch with the outside hip music world.  I can look Alt Nation’s playlists but discovering a song I like is so much more rewarding.  So since I’m out of touch, I need new music and I need suggestions.  For now this is what I play when I’m on the elliptical machine or when I’m sitting here at the computer (in order of importance):
Arcade Fire “Rococo” – I always start my music listening time with this.
Arcade Fire “Rebellion (Lies)” – Wow, this band is so good.
The Black Keys “Everlasting Light” – There’s a certain feeling you get when this album starts that is like no other.
The Black Keys “Tighten Up”
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Y Control”
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Down Boy”
Kasabian – “Underdog”
Kasabian “Vlad the Impaler” – Can’t listen to this w/o thinking of Noel Fielding chasing people with a stake.
Interpol “Lights” – Love this!
Interpol “Barricade”
She Wants Revenge “Save Your Soul”
The National “Anyone’s Ghost” – My favourite National song.
Matt and Kim “Good Ol Fashion Nightmare”
Santigold “Lights Out”
Crystal Castles w/ Robert Smith “Not In Love”
White Stripes “Death Letter” – This is listed last because I’ve heard it a million times already. Still one of my favourite songs though.
There are more by each band that I’ll play here and there but generally this is what I make sure to listen to before I switch off the iPod.  I have the Zune player now for looking up new stuff so what will it be next?

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