Sunday, October 16, 2011

Prepare for the Artic Blast

Well, it looks as if we’re going to have a hint of winter this week.  Today it’s been nice enough that we can keep the windows open but Wednesday and Thursday we’ll have 33F temperatures.  At least there won’t be any rain to go along with that cold.

I brought a ton of sweaters and winter clothes with me when I left Florida last January so I’m prepared for chilly weather.  At least if feels like Halloween is approaching.  Soon enough we’ll have some snow and then I’ll get the fun of re-learning how to walk around on frozen ground.  Ah, those were the days when I use to sled down snow drifts as a kid in Ohio.

Anyway, I’ve found out that I can apply for my provisional driver’s license so I can get that sometime soon (it takes three weeks to get that little bugger processed for non-citizens.)  I am not real keen on driving on snowy conditions but I’m anxious to learn how the street signs and roads work in England.  For now I’ll happily take the bus though – especially during Artic conditions.

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