Thursday, October 13, 2011

What makes me think

The NaBloPoMo forum prompt that I chose today was that simple: What makes me think.

Thinking about something productive and just thinking are two different things.  If I want to drift off and think about television that I watched last night (sadly for me today it was Snakes on a Plane) then I just listen to my iPod (Arcade Fire’s “Rococo” has to be played once each time I turn that on), or try to fall asleep.  But when there are creative thoughts that need to be thought up, it has to be while on a walk or in the shower or something that doesn’t require any kind of concentration.

I do not listen to music when trying to think productively.  I’ve always associated driving with music because driving is a mindless activity that needs some kind of mental stimulus.  Now, if I were trying to think of an idea for a story or a plot point, then I’d take my walk and let the ideas plop in without any other kind of distraction.

And with that abrupt, late post for today, I have to get some work done.  It’s been grey outside all day and I’ve been slacking off doing my daily duties.  I finished New Moon last night too, so I plan to have that book review done over the weekend.

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